LeMieur’s regret doesn’t help

To the Editor:

Mike LeMieur said recently he regrets the “unintended consequences” of his votes to greatly increase property taxes for many rural Minnesotans. Taxpayers who are paying more regret the “unintended consequences,” too. They deserve to know if something like that can just be “unintended.”

We teach our kids to think before they act. We use the phrase “look before you leap.”

We do that to avoid “unintended consequences.”  LeMieur didn’t look before he leaped when the Republican leadership told him to. Apparently when they say “jump” his only question is “how high?” He voted to remove the homestead credit, and now Minnesota property taxes increased 4.7 percent.

It’s even worse for us. Metro property tax increases averaged 2.6 percent, while “our” rural Minnesota increases averaged 9.9 percent.

LeMieur is on the property tax committee. Legislators may not know every detail of every bill in the legislature, but they’re expected to know the bills in their committees and defend their districts. LeMieur heard that bill explained and didn’t offer corrections or amendments.

LeMieur did nothing. Whether he didn’t understand or didn’t care isn’t the issue. Our area loses either way. The biggest issue is that LeMieur dismisses our tax increases as “unintended consequences.” — Gary Gannon, Randall