Obamacare tramples religious freedom

To the Editor:

If many of you are like me, you no longer bother reading the endless negative editorials against Mike LeMieur, Paul Gazelka and Republicans. However, I did read some recently and found something needing a response: Obama care.

We, along with several local families, are members of a health care group that share each other’s medical bills. Our particular group is about 20,000 households strong and growing, and is a beautiful piece to the health care puzzle. Our group ensures that bills are quickly paid. Hospitals and clinics like us. Everything works great; just leave us alone, thank you very much.

But “no.” Obama and his liberal buddies had to step in with their latest infringement on our religious rights and force us to cover sterilizations, abortive drugs, contraception, etc. for the group’s employees. We will not violate our convictions and, thus, we will soon be paying penalties.

And what about the many religious hospitals and schools in rural Minnesota? What big government intrusion can we expect next?

We need leaders, local and national, who will keep government in its proper place.

Oh, and thanks Paul and Mike for defending the freedoms of all of us “99 percenters” and fixing a huge mess in St. Paul. — Ken Toenies, Randall