Pikula receives 58 months for possessing methamphetamine

Jacob Eric Pikula, 21, Motley, was convicted Feb. 29, in Morrison County District Court of one count of felony second degree possession of six grams or more of cocaine, heroin and/or methamphetamine.

On May 5, 2011, Morrison County deputies went to a residence in Scandia Valley Township to find and hold an individual for Todd County. As the deputies approached a camper, they noticed four individuals inside, one being Pikula. He was holding a pipe that appeared to be used for smoking methamphetamine.

The deputies asked the occupants to step outside and at that time, Pikula denied he had been holding a pipe. The deputies then discovered he was holding an Exacto brand hobby knife, which was taken away. When the deputies attempted to arrest Pikula, he took off running. He was eventually stopped by the use of a taser. A search of his person revealed a tube that appeared to hold methamphetamine and a case containing approximately nine grams of methamphetamine.

Pikula was sentenced to 58 months in the St. Cloud correctional facility and fined $135.

Dismissed against Pikula was one count each of obstructing legal process and of fleeing a peace officer because he was convicted of the more serious charge.