‘Reproductive rights’ is a misused term

To the Editor:

A recent article I read promoted a woman’s right to decide what to do “with the contents of her womb.” Wow, I have contents in my purse — books have tables of contents — but a baby growing inside its mother is referred to as the “contents of her womb”?

It’s disturbing how the term “reproductive rights” is misused by those who condone abortion. Conservatives and Republicans have no interest in sticking our noses in someone’s bedroom to tell them if they can or cannot “reproduce.” We are opposed to the “killing of the children” that are conceived as the result of a man and woman who reproduced. Being anti-abortion is erroneously equated with interfering with reproductive rights.

Once an egg is fertilized, the reproducing has already been done; and, like it or not, a new life exists. — Becky Olson, Little Falls