Royalton’s Centre Street bridge deck to be replaced in June

By Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer
[email protected] 

County Highway Engineer Steve Backowski presented the details of the planned Centre Street bridge repair to the Royalton City Council Tuesday. The project is scheduled to begin Monday, June 4, with a projected 20-day completion time frame.

“The weather-dependent part of the project will be the pouring of the new deck, which would be slowed down in the event of rainy weather,” Backowski said.

The bridge was constructed a little more than 40 years ago and the deck has been repaired over the years. Since epoxy-coated rebar was not available when the bridge was built, there has been some delamination of the rebar, which has led to cracks. “When salt enters the cracks, the rebar expands and deteriorates, with some areas of the deck becoming hollow,” said Backowski.

The bridge contains two mats, or levels, of rebar. “Any repairs that have been done have been in the top mat of rebar,” said Backowski.

“The current project will include removing the top one and one-half inches of existing concrete deck. Then work will be done to find any porous areas, with a jackhammer used to open up those areas,” Backowski said. “One panel of sidewalk will also have some repair work done.”

PCiRoads of St. Michael will be doing the work, with a bid of $93,968.  The cost is anticipated to be completely covered through the state aid highway system, with revenue from gas taxes and license tab fees.

“The project is planned to begin after school is out for summer, yet before city activities later in the summer,” said Backowski.

There will be detouring around the road construction, onto Highway 10 and past the high school. There will likely be some restricted access to the skate park for vehicles, but access will be available for people walking.

Mayor Andrea Lauer said, “We are grateful for the fact that the county is so diligent in checking the bridges in the county. The city will work with the county to do everything we can to make sure it’s a seamless project.”

Royalton City Council Briefs

In other business at Tuesday’s meeting, the Royalton City Council:

• Heard the audit report presented by Janet Bitzan of Kern, Dewenter, Viere Ltd. The city received an unqualified opinion. There were no major issues and the city is doing well;

• Learned that the city-wide garage sale is May 12;

• Was informed that cleanup day is April 28;

• Approved the recommendation by Police Chief Adam Gunderson that part-time officer Tom Franklin receive a raise of $.31 per hour effective Feb. 1, to $15.84;

• Authorized a request by part-time police officers Tom Franklin and Lindsay Bruyere to participate in the Public Employees Retirement Association Police and Fire Plan;

• Approved Gunderson’s application to attend the Police Chief’s Conference in St. Cloud, April 23-26;

• Approved an application for a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) outdoor recreation grant for the Royalton Splash Park;

• Tabled the proposed amendments of Ordinance #21 forming rules and regulations for open burning. The proposal was sent back to the Planning and Zoning Committee for further discussion;

• Tabled discussion of a test well location until expected bills and property appraisals are received. A special Council meeting will likely be called to address this prior to the next regular City Council meeting;

• Discussed at length the proposed Third Street paving project, with Les Mateffy of Mateffy Engineering Inc. presenting a proposal. Mayor Andrea Lauer will send letters to the owners of EZ Stop and Treasure City notifying them of the proposed changes;

• Passed a resolution establishing post-issuance policies and procedures under the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) code after the issuance of governmental bonds;

• Agreed to reestablish the voting precinct for Benton County;

• Learned that Barb Gangl resigned her City Hall cleaning position. The bid from BK Commercial Cleaning for $164.65 per month was accepted with extra cleaning as needed;

• Acknowledged with no waiting period, Holy Trinity Church’s application for a gambling permit for its May raffle as well as the Royal Wrestling Club’s application for a gambling permit for its raffle and tipboards;

• Renewed the Langola Township fire service contract;

• Reviewed a donation request from Horizon Health with no action taken. Such requests should be submitted prior to the budget being compiled in August;

• Approved a DNR right-of-entry authorization for watercraft inspections and decontaminations. The access would be at the canoe landing on the Platte River at the skate park;

• Accepted the Morrison County cleanup grant of $403 and the Morrison County recycling grant of $1,408;

• Set April 3, at 7:15 p.m. as the date for public input on proposed zoning ordinance changes and

• Was informed by Ron Verley of a new requirement by the Minnesota Department of Health to take bacteriological water samples two times per month instead of one time per quarter, because Royalton has grown.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Royalton City Council will be Tuesday, April 3, at 7 p.m.