Pick up the Slack: Saints they ain’t, spring training, RG3 and more

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I’ve started a handful of posts in the past month only to delete them because I haven’t had time to do my thoughts justice.

So today I decided the heck with that, I have to at least get something, anything up, so here’s my no-huddle blogging:


Saints bounty system

The New Orleans Saints had a bounty system in place on their way to the 2009 Super Bowl.

You don’t say.

I thought they were just trying some sort of variation of shiatsu in which you see how many different ways you can bend and fracture a quarterback’s ankle.


Spring Training

Twins pitchers are throwing pitches that look like grapefruits while making contact like they’re hitting grapefruits.

Who cares, it’s only spring training.


Yoenis Cespedes

Cespedes! Can’t wait to learn how that’s actually supposed to be pronounced.

Odds are we will, because he homered in his first spring at bat (or at least one of his first at bats).

You know who else did that? (Well, technically a triple according to Wikipedia, but just about?)

Roy Hobbs.

This guy is Cuba’s answer to The Natural. And Robert Redford. Not bad.


Ricky Rubio out for year

Say it ain’t so, Rubio, I didn’t even get a chance to sneak down to Target Center yet.

Here’s to hoping the Ewing Theory holds true and the Wolves can still get into the playoffs.

*(The Ewing Theory, created by my favorite sportswriter Bill Simmons, states roughly that when a team loses its star player, it can sometimes become better off by playing more as a team instead of relying on one guy.

Of course Kevin Love is the actual star of this team, but if J.J. Barea and Luke Ridnour can team up to give the Wolves about what Rubio did, the Ewing Theory is fulfilled.)


Washington trades up for RG3

Boom or bust.

I like it.

Washington gave up three first-round draft picks and a second to move up four spots and take St. Louis’ second overall pick in this year’s NFL draft, presumably to select Heisman trophy winner Robert Griffin III.

Throw out your draft value charts, if Griffin is a franchise quarterback, he’ll be more than worth it.

If Washington had only had a decent enough quarterback to beat the Vikings in Week 16 last year, we could be getting that haul of picks.

So it goes.


High School hoops

Unbelievable night for the three remaining area high school boys basketball teams Saturday.

Pierz beats Melrose 82-76 in overtime in a game that had 20 lead changes in the game I was covering.

At the same time in small-school action, Upsala came up big with a 90-84 double overtime win and Royalton closes the game with a 19-7 run to win 58-51.

Here’s to hoping tonight holds more of the same as I get ready to venture over to Long Prairie to watch Upsala take on seventh-ranked Browerville for a spot in the section finals.