Tryggestad one of three finalists for job in Eden Prairie

Little Falls superintendent interested in district’s top position

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer

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It was learned Monday that Little Falls Superintendent of Schools Curt Tryggestad was chosen, with four others, as a semi-finalist for the Eden Prairie superintendent’s position.

On Monday, the Eden Prairie School Board selected the five and interviews took place Wednesday.

After the first round of interviews, the field was narrowed to three candidates. They include Dr. Gerald Hill, a superintendent of schools from Glenview, Ill., Dr. Michael Meissen, a superintendent from Lombard, Ill., and Tryggestad.

Sun Newspapers, owned by ECM Publishers Inc., said the community will have opportunities to witness the interview process, give feedback and meet the finalists before the Board makes its final decision.

Tryggestad will visit the school Wednesday, March 21, and participate in his final interview.

The final decision is scheduled to be made Friday during a meeting of the Board. The decision will be contingent on contract negotiations.

Little Falls School Board Chair Jay Spillum said he was going to take a “Wait and see what happens” approach to ascertain how this will turn out.

Board Member Brad Laager said, “The educational community is a series of steps and ladders. The work you perform while employed at a current position dictates whether or not you advance professionally. Bigger is not always better, but it usually means more pay and benefits. I believe Curt being courted by a school as large as Eden Prairie speaks volumes in regard to our school district’s reputation around the state. Superintendents can only have a three-year contract by Minnesota law and this is the last year of Curt’s contract (expires June 30). The School Board plans to offer Curt a new three-year contract and is very satisfied with his performance, but we all understand his right to look at other districts and do what is right for Curt and his family.”