GOP needs unity, not divisiveness

To the Editor:

Recently, I read Steve Wenzel’s comments about my family moving to Cass County into Senate District 9. I’m disappointed with the letter, as he didn’t first ask why we’re moving. I know him well; this is very uncharacteristic behavior.

Wenzel has a long history with Morrison County and has done an exceptional job representing our community. With District 12 divided, many were uncertain how to proceed; I’d like to continue serving Morrison County. With redistricting, many legislators were displaced; four pair of GOP and two pair of DFL senators were paired. Many districts had no senator.

It is an honor to represent Morrison County. Contrary to the letter’s claims, I’m a member of a community that includes Morrison County, and I will serve you honorably and with integrity. I recognize the necessity of agriculture and small business to Morrison County. I helped repeal Green Acres, co-authored legislation quickening environmental permits; 10,000 jobs will come to northern Minnesota as a result.

No person is entitled to a public office, as the letter claimed. A public office belongs to the people. If I’m chosen to represent Morrison County, then the people have given me their vote of confidence, and I would be honored. — State Sen. Paul Gazelka, R-Brainerd