GOP tearing down safety net

To the Editor:

Bowing to their wealthy overlords, waves of politicians in Congress and in states have mounted a relentless, coordinated attack on Americans’ economic, constitutional and human rights.

Today’s conscienceless money-laden elites will do anything to gain and retain absolute power.

After all, it’s mainly a “handful” of billionaires/multimillionaires financing four politicians currently seeking the Republican presidential nomination.

Meanwhile, unemployed Americans who become re-employed often receive much reduced salaries, benefits and job security — enduring “independent contractor” status, frequent layoffs, reduced hours — many never to regain their previous living standard.

Factor in three decades of “the corporate raiders.” Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital is one of a large pack of unregulated “private equity” firms and “hedge funds” having bought and then ruined or severely crippled vast legions of iconic American companies (Sears, K-Mart) — plundering assets, lowering product quality and ruthlessly slashing jobs, wages, benefits and union power.

Minnesota’s Republican legislators participate by repeatedly attacking workers’ wages, benefits and labor union rights as they undermine public-employee jobs and promote further destructive privatization of government services.

Even as hunger and poverty rise, they’re introducing “demonizing” legislation to sabotage the already meager safety net, including sweeping drug testing requirements and severely reducing eligibility. — Donna Christianson, Little Falls