LeMieur’s bills will benefit this area

To the Editor:

Rep. Mike LeMieur is the chief author of HF 1468, a bill that will allow law enforcement to sell forfeited firearms. Mark Dayton signed it into law recently. It will allow law enforcement agencies to sell forfeited firearms to federally licensed dealers. The previous law required agencies to destroy the firearms unless they decided to use them for law enforcement purposes.

The proceeds from these sales will go toward the law enforcement agency’s operating fund, county attorney or other prosecuting agency’s operating fund or crime victims’ organizations, depending on the violation. It was Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel who suggested this change in the law to LeMieur. The funds will stay in the county that sells the forfeited firearms.

LeMieur’s request for $19.5 million for the Camp Ripley Education Center was heard in the State Government Finance Committee recently. The money is to construct a 49,782 square feet addition to the Camp Ripley Education Center. It would consist of classroom space, lodging facilities and a dining facility. This will help in the training of our military, federal, state, local and civilian communities and be an asset to the area.

LeMieur is serving his constituents well. — Margaret Johnson, Little Falls