Put aside petty issues and focus on jobs

To the Editor:

I thought I would just voice my opinion about some petty arguments going on in Morrison County.

First, about this sign issue — enough about the signs.

Second, about LeMieur’s vote on the property tax issue. Please, people, start going to your local government meetings and complain to them about your property tax issues.

Third, about Gazelka buying a house in Senate District 9. So what? He has a right to purchase a house wherever he wants.

That brings me to my point. All of us in Morrison County and the state of Minnesota should be interested in talking about creating a pro-business climate and job growth, not petty arguments about stuff like, where Gazelka is going to live. That’s his personal decision to make.

Republicans are for pro-business and job growth. — Jeffrey J. Jelinski, Ward 1, Little Falls