Right-to-work law hurts middle class

To the Editor:

Working middle class people and their unions are under attack by the Republican Party. Republicans make wild claims that by making Minnesota a “Right to Work” (RTW) state, weakening unions will somehow help our economy.

Just the opposite is true.

Politician economist Gordon Lafer has shown that right-to-work laws do not boost job growth. They lower wages and reduce benefits for both union and non-union workers by an average of $1,500 a year and decrease the likelihood employees will get health insurance or pensions through their jobs. That would have a huge negative effect on our economy, since people would have $1,500 less to spend. Seven of the 10 highest-unemployment states are states with RTW laws. It doesn’t work.

Lowering workers’ pay lowers their spending, which kills economic growth. According to experts, $1 million in wage cuts means $850,000 less is spent in the economy, which translates into a loss of six good jobs.

Republican claims that RTW helps jobs are false. It’s all about removing any input from working people and their unions. Paul Gazelka is a senate author of this bill. Too late for him. Will Mike LeMieur vote against RTW, and for his working constituents? We’re watching. — Martin Witucki, Little Falls