Support your local businesses

To the Editor:

As chair of the Boys and Girls Club of Morrison County Strut Your Stuff event at the Little Falls Ballroom, March 23, I felt compelled to write this letter on behalf of all the wonderful businesses in our area.

The Strut Your Stuff event is the biggest fundraiser for the club, but only because of the generous support of all the businesses in our community.

It is because of these efforts that I want to encourage everyone to support our merchants. These are difficult times for all of us, but can you imagine what it must be like for these hometown businesses? Yet, these same merchants are asked time after time to donate their services to make our community better — and they do it.

So, save a little gas money and check out what our community has to offer first. It will not only be a great experience for you, it will keep our community strong. — Jan Erwin, Little Falls