Taxation, gaming bad solutions for stadium

To the Editor:

The subject of a Vikings stadium is just fine, if it pays for itself and the maintenance. There is no way a sports facility should be financed and supported by tax revenue.

The idea of gambling money to finance it is really no different than taxes, except only worse. It encourages people to gamble who can’t afford it.

This whole subject is an example of the “socialistic attitude” that people have now. It seems the attitude is “I want” but “you pay for it.” It seems we have become a group of “pack runners.” No one wants to stand on their own values, or they have no values of their own. Common sense has lost out completely. It seems we need to be told when to get up and what to do all day long.

This is a bad idea and should only be considered if it stands and operates on its own, entirely self-supporting. — Russell L. Frederick, Long Prairie