Walks need not include trash pickup

To the Editor:

I am lucky to walk with my dog along some lovely back roads in our county. As the snow melts, we find the ditches littered with various items discarded by passing vehicles: empty cigarette packs, pop bottles, beer cans, fast food paper, socks — you name it, we see it. As a result, we spend a portion of each walk retrieving that which was discarded from the passing vehicles. (My dog is a labrador, but I’m doing the retrieving; something is wrong here.)

I have a favor to ask of those riding in the passing vehicles: could you please wait until you get to a garbage can before you toss your trash? If not, could you at least not throw it so far into the ditch? It’s a bit hard on my knees wading that far into the brush.

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful part of our state – truly God’s country. Together we can make sure that God is proud to have it called that. — Susy Prosapio, Little Falls