Anyone allowed to run for public office

To the Editor:

In a recent letter, a former legislator from Little Falls claims to have represented Morrison County and Crow Wing County during his tenure. Thus, he refutes his own argument that one must live in the area he represents.

I do not consider it political power or selfish ambition to continue to represent people who genuinely want you in St. Paul. Rep. LeMieur and Sen. Gazelka have more than demonstrated to me their character and integrity. It is their personal choice to run or move. It is anyone’s right and privilege to run for public office or not.

The new Senate 9 District is technically an open seat. That is a fact. Every position up for a vote is technically an open seat for the upcoming election. What matters to me are representatives who tackle the hard stuff of government and solve problems for us, the constituents.

If someone disapproves of an elected official, I have two questions for you: 1) Do you receive and read their newsletter, so you actually know what they are accomplishing in St. Paul? 2) Are you interfering with the decision that is up to the elected official alone? — Patty Wilczek, Morrison County Republican Party chair,  Little Falls