Morrison County Sheriff’s Department

March 15 — A resident on Harvest Road in Little Falls reported a calf was stolen.

March 16 — A Swanville resident reported a bank card and $750 in cash were stolen, as well as a friend’s bank card and $100 in cash.

March 17 — Several sets of sockets and a ratchet wrench, a Makita chop saw and several other complete open end wrench sets were stolen from a shed on property located in Barrel Road in Freeport.

March 18 — A cabin on South Platte Lake Drive in Hillman was broken into. Items stolen include three chainsaws, two flat screen TVs, five gas cans with gas and some food.

March 19 — A red oil shed located on property on Azure Road in Cushing was broken into.

March 19 — A resident on Great River Road in Little Falls reported someone had stolen their mail.

March 20 — A resident who lives on Jewel Road in Little Falls reported the theft of house keys and a wedding engagement ring set valued at $2,500 from their residence.

March 20 — A burglary was reported by a resident on Sixth Street in Randall.

March 20  — A resident who lives on Cherry Lane in Motley reported damaged done to their property.