Voter ID is terrible for rural Minnesota

To the Editor:

If you ask our local Republican legislators, Mike LeMieur and Paul Gazelka, they’ll tell you voter fraud is such a serious problem that we need a constitutional amendment establishing Voter ID to prevent it.

If you ask our local election judges or auditors, they’ll tell you voter fraud hasn’t been a problem here and Voter ID will cost taxpayers money.

If you ask constitutional lawyers, they’ll tell you that if Voter ID passes in Minnesota, it will certainly face a long, expensive legal challenge. That’s because Voter ID will keep many citizens from being able to use their constitutional right to vote.

If you ask anyone who has dealt with senior citizens, they’ll tell you that many older Minnesotans no longer have a photo ID. Those who have served their families and their country the longest are the likeliest to not be allowed to vote.

If you ask average Minnesotans, they’ll say they’re for Voter ID, but they won’t be able to explain how it would work or how it would be worded.

Like many other Republican “reforms” this session, it’s a terrible idea for rural Minnesota.

Tell LeMieur and Gazelka to start representing our area and oppose Voter ID. — Dan Bakke, Randall