Princess Kay of the Milky Way visits her hometown

Monday, Princess Kay of the Milky Way, Mary Zahurones of Pierz, visited with elementary students in Pierz at both the Holy Trinity and Pioneer Elementary Schools. She was aided by her mother, Pat Tax, Jane Popp and Cindy Welle. Zahurones taught the children about where milk comes from and the process of getting the milk from the farm to the grocery store, learning big words like “pasteurization” and how long it takes to make cheese. The kids also took their turns shaking a container of milk to make butter. Zahurones, a full-time student at the University of Minnesota, said 25 visits to elementary schools in the state have been planned for her schedule. Last year, just three visits to elementary schools were planned for Princess Kay. Pictured above is Kelly Gangl’s third grade class at Holy Trinity School with the Princess.

The kids ate their butter on crackers and were treated to cheese sticks courtesy of the American Dairy Association, Pierz Foods and Crystal Farms. They also received pencils, erasers and bookmarks supplied by Pat and Chuck Tax, Pierz area farmers. More photos of the Princess’ visit can be found in the photo galleries section of this Web site.