Refunds from overbilling will be more than $5,000 for Upsala School District

Superintendant Gery Arndt said during Wednesday’s School Board meeting, that the Upsala School District had been overcharged by two companies in recent billing.

District Administrative Assistant Colleen Harren caught the errors and started looking into the reasons for those.

Hoglund Bus Company overcharged about $2,600 on bus camera installation for something that had been included in the bid. “They were really very sorry and worked with us on that,” said Harren.

“They also had billed $1,200 for a bus repair that was covered under warranty, so that will be refunded as well,” she said.

Marco, who has the copier maintenance contract, was billing the District $81 every month. “I questioned that and found out it was because they had an old insurance certificate on file,” said Harren.

“When the copier was replaced, we had not been told about needing a new certificate,” she said.

Marco now has the new certificate on file and will refund a sizeable amount to Upsala School District.

“It will be as much as $1,500,” Harren said.

“We’re very glad that Colleen caught these and went to bat for us,” said Arndt.

Upsala School Board Briefs

Other business that came before the Upsala School Board Wednesday included:

• Agreeing with Arndt’s expression of thanks to Nelson Insurance Company for donating popcorn bags for the concessions stand;

• Approving donations from the Upsala Lions Club for $2500 for Dollars for Scholars, $500 for skating rink repair and $3500 for the Kindergarten Readiness Program; and

• Approving the spring coaching roster of Ken Solarz as head baseball coach, Randy Trettel and Adam Gerads as assistant baseball coaches, Steve Miller as junior high baseball coach, Jim Drill and Pete Swisher as co-head track coaches, Marsh Doran for head softball coach and Mark Herbes for assistant softball coach.

The Board closed the meeting to the public to discuss non-certified negotiations.

The next Upsala School Board meeting will be Wednesday, April 25 at 7:30 p.m. in the High School Media Center.