Enough is enough on GOP tax hikes

To the Editor:

There are a couple of Republican senators in St. Paul who want to double the tax on a pack of cigarettes. I guess their “no new taxes” doesn’t apply when they want to put the screws to a minority. But that’s the Republican way, take from the poor and give to the rich.

It wasn’t too many years ago, the price of a pack went up $1 to bail that worthless Pawlenty out of his budget ordeal. How did he show his gratitude? A year later he kicked us out of the bars. Enough is enough. Find someone else to pick on.

It seems every time you turn around there’s a new golf course popping up, cutting down oxygen producing trees, displacing all kinds of wildlife. Maybe they should add a $5 a ball environmental impact fee on every golf ball sold. But that won’t work, I’m sure there are too many Republicans who play that game; you just know they’re not going to put the screws to them. — Bill Wiezcorek, Little Falls