Firearms safety training dates set for spring

Students interested in firearms safety training this year have two options available to them.

Classroom firearms safety training will be held at the Little Falls Community High School beginning Thursday, April 19 with the field day planned for Saturday, May 12. A registration fee of $4 must be paid to Little Falls Community Services at the time of registration. There will be a $7.50 fee by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) once students have registered their self-certified online form.

Online firearms safety training is now available for those who wish to take their training on the computer. A fee of $24.95 must be paid (using a credit card) to receive the hunter exam voucher, which must be presented at the field day.

Additional testing will take place at the field day Saturday, May 12. Students who wish to attend the Little Falls field day must preregister and pre-pay a $4 registration fee to Little Falls Community Services, plus a $7.50 fee by the DNR once they register their self-certified online form.

More information and registration forms are available at Little Falls Community Services and Pap’s Sport Shop in Little Falls.