Mankind called to be stewards

To the Editor:

Recent news has reported what are confusing statements on the campaign trail regarding the “theology” or biblical witness regarding creation and “Mom’s” place in the whole thing. There have been statements referring to creation as being there simply to make life easier for people, especially for those who are able to capture the creation in such a way as to bring wealth. But this is not the biblical point of view.

If we look at the Bible from Genesis through the Book of Revelation, from beginning to end, we see a God putting the whole thing together and then calling on people to be good caretakers. We see a picture of God who lovingly and carefully creates, but hangs on to the deed. The place still belongs to him so he gets to call the shots, and he gives people the responsibility of following in his footsteps by lovingly and carefully taking care of this wonderful planet.

The biblical picture includes “rights” for all of creation – the animals, the forests, the rocks, the water – everything. Stewardship, being good managers, is what the creator calls for, in order that the creation can continue to sustain life into the future.  — Pastor Robert Munneke, Aitkin, formerly of Morrison County