Republicans risk our safety net

To the Editor:

Many Republican legislators now claim they want to pay back some of the money “borrowed” from our school districts. As adjournments (and elections) grow nearer, the Republicans have learned that their tricks to “balance” the budget didn’t fool voters. The people wanted to increase taxes on the wealthiest, but Republicans refused to do that. Instead, they borrowed money from schools and the tobacco settlement to balance the budget.

Now that taxpaying voters have caught on, Republicans are running from their own bad votes and claiming they want to pay back our schools. Senate Republicans plan to raid the “rainy day fund” (leaving the state defenseless if state revenue slows again) to pay back part of the $2.7 billion they took from K-12 schools. Republicans are realizing that borrowing from schools wasn’t the right thing to do, but their terrible new idea only puts Minnesota deeper in debt that will have to be repaid with interest.

Senate Democrats offered the “Pay Back Our Kids Act” which would repay money borrowed from our schools by closing tax loopholes on multi-national corporations hiding money overseas.

Guess what? Republicans would rather raid the “rainy day fund” to protect multimillionaires and multi-national corporations — again. — Jeffrey Everson, Little Falls