Today’s Republicans abandon Lincoln

To the Editor:

Abraham Lincoln told us the American government should be of the people, by the people and for the people.

We all grew up thinking that meant “all” the people — until now. Now the super-rich have taken over control of the Republican Party and begun their attempt to control all of us.

The wealthiest Minnesotans pay a lower tax rate than the rest of us.

When the DFL controlled the Minnesota legislature, they passed legislation to increase taxes on incomes over $500,000. That money would have gone to reduce property taxes for “all” the people. Pawlenty vetoed it.

Now that Republicans control Minnesota’s legislature, they’ve refused to increase tax rates on the wealthy. Instead, they raised rural Minnesota property taxes, cut renter’s credit, tried to raise hunting and fishing fees and took away the gas tax rebate for low income earners. That’s intentional, not unintended consequences.

Our ancestors left countries where the wealthy controlled everything. They came here and established government for the people, by the people. Look at what Republicans LeMieur and Gazelka voted for. You’ll see they’re helping to make Minnesota for the wealthiest, by the wealthiest. Let’s stop their plan in November. — Roman Witucki, Morrison County DFL chair, Little Falls