Unlike Gazelka, 80% like racino idea

To the Editor:

There were several disappointing “no” votes in the State Government Innovation Committee, March 19. Sen. Paul Gazelka was one, voting against allowing racinos and using the revenue to fund higher education in Minnesota.

Racinos are a smart idea, and nearly 80 percent of Minnesotans agree. On top of the dollars these facilities will bring in for public education, we know that multiple industries — construction, hospitality and agriculture — will experience an economic boost from the time of their groundbreaking to ongoing operations. Bottom line: Racinos will grow jobs and provide immediate revenue. We need to pursue the best option on the table that has a proven track record in other states.

Tell Gazelka that ignoring the will of the people to elevate the agenda of special interests is not good policy (651-296-4875 or e-mail [email protected]). Minnesotans want to see meaningful results this session and that includes passing racino legislation in 2012. — Fred Pelzer, Royalton