We can change our energy use

To the Editor:

With gas prices increasing and oil dependence still high, our country needs to find a legitimate, sustainable solution to meet our growing energy demand.

The Obama administration has made some much needed progress by improving fuel efficiency standards on vehicles. This should save 3.5 million barrels of oil per day by 2030.

The Union of Concerned Scientists, which has released a plan to further enhance the array of energy sources the U.S. depends on as well as the long-term approach our nation takes when it comes to energy use, admits there is no clear, simple answer. With greater public knowledge and involvement, hopefully, there can be more done to help with this problem.

I urge all to be mindful of the impact each of us makes with our commuting and how, as individuals, we can be more environmentally conscious. With this in mind, we can make the progress necessary to travel farther, spend less and still have sustainable lifestyles. — Brody Hagemeier, St. Cloud