Legion will help replace worn flags

To the Editor:

Spring is here and we all welcome it with open arms. It’s the time of year to get out the lawn mowers, the boats, the campers and everything else that we enjoy this time of year. We want to give all our spring and summer equipment the big once over to make sure they are in perfect condition to enjoy the upcoming season. Unfortunately, there is a very important item many of us don’t give the proper once over — the American flag.

The American flag is proudly waving in many yards and businesses. These flags have taken a real beating from Mother Nature all winter and are badly tattered and torn. Please take your flag down and inspect it for worn materials such as tears, frayed edges and severe fading.  Once you have and determined your flag needs to be replaced, make sure that it’s disposed of properly. If you are familiar with the process, you may dispose of it yourself. If you have any doubt as to the detailed procedure that must be followed, all worn out or damaged flags can be dropped off at any American Legion.

Let’s keep our flags proudly displayed with the utmost respect that they deserve. — Susan Bramhall, officer of American Legion Post 46, Little Falls