Morrison County Sheriff’s Department

March 27 — A Randall resident reported a scam saying they had won some money and a check was enclosed. However, the scam required cashing the check and send a portion of the money to someone else.

March 29 — A break-in at the Lincoln Church in Cushing was attempted. The middle and bottom hinges of the locked door had been pried off.

March 30 — Sobania Poultry Processing in Little Falls reported someone’s dog had killed chickens and chased chickens and turkeys off the property. The poultry was valued at $342.

April 3 — Copper was stolen from an unoccupied home on Highway 25 in Pierz.

April 3 — A package delivered by UPS was stolen from the end of a driveway at a residence on Highway 238 in Little Falls.

April 4 — Copper and two catalytic converters were stolen from a property on Nature Road in Royalton.