Obama’s energy plan is a failure

To the Editor:

Obama is under a lot of pressure now because of the high price of gasoline. He says it is not his fault (nothing is ever his fault). He has been pushing windmills, solar and algae as the energy of the future, with our tax dollars, and with nothing but failure.

During his term, he has pushed for higher gasoline and electrical energy costs to force us to his windmill, solar and algae preferences. When asked why he is not allowing drilling of the Virginia coast, ANWAR and the gulf, he says more oil will not reduce the price. Every economist knows it will.

Why can’t we produce more oil, create jobs, reduce prices and become energy independent? The House passed the XL pipeline bill to deliver us Canadian oil, create 120,000 jobs and will not cost the taxpayers a dime. In the Senate, 11 Democratic senators voted for the bill, but not Klobuchar or Franken.

Why doesn’t the Morrison County DFL chairman ask Klobuchar to explain her negative vote in this newspaper. Ask your DFL friends why Klobuchar refuses to answer questions in this newspaper. — Thomas E. Paulson, Little Falls