Editorial not fair and unbiased

To the Editor:

In the Tom West editorial, Morrison County Record, April 8, he stated, “Minnesota’s two U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken signed on to a bill pandering to conspiracy theorists who believe the reason for the run-up in price is tied to “speculators.”

In the same editorial, he stated, “Some political ‘speculators’ have accused the Obama Administration of being in the control of environmentalists who want to reduce the use of oil by using regulations to push up the price.”

It seems we citizens are being given an irreconcilable dilemma, by West’s worded statements, to this problem of gas prices.

My heartfelt plea for a solution to this seeming irreconcilable dilemma is a question. “What is truth?”

Speaking of environmental disaster, it is imperative if the Keystone pipeline is completed, that the company managing the pipeline installs a foolproof working shut-off valve. Why? What if a force five tornado would take out a mile of that pipeline endangering God’s most precious gift of nature, pure, free of all pollution, water.

Tch, tch – “pandering to conspiracy theorists.” Do you really think those are the descriptive words to be used by a fair, unbiased editorialist?

Peace of Christ be with you. — Joanne Morisette, Little Falls