GOP Legislature is do-nothing

To the Editor:

If you watched our Legislature this session instead of listening to the stories they send home afterwards, you’d see this was truly a do-nothing legislature.

They’ve certainly done nothing for average working people.

What did we really need? Jobs. Decent paying jobs with benefits.

What did Republicans give us? Now they’re calling their tax bill a jobs bill.

That bill cuts business taxes and would decrease revenue to our state by another $192 million, after Republicans already left us billions in the red by borrowing instead of paying for what we can afford.

Many of these companies that would be getting a tax break don’t even have their headquarters in Minnesota. Some jobs bill.

This Republican-controlled legislature has given the wealthiest people and the giant corporations everything they asked for. The wealthiest are taxed at a lower percentage than the rest of us, and now they’re trying to eliminate many corporate taxes completely. The party that says corporations are people, my friend, thinks that we should pay, but corporations shouldn’t. Republicans wouldn’t even close corporate tax loopholes to give an extra $1 million to veterans. Vote them out. — Wayne Hansmann, Little Falls