Voter ID not needed and costly

To the Editor:

Why do we need voter ID, when no conviction of voter fraud was found in Minnesota? When a reward of $1,000 was offered, none were found.

Why, when the language isn’t even written yet? This is like paying money for something, not knowing what. If you agree with voter ID, please send $20; you’ll receive something later, trust me it’ll be good for you.

Why, when this will cost taxpayers money? The supporters of this amendment are the same ones demanding less regulation and less spending, yet this adds regulation and cost to Minnesotans.

Why, if taxpayer money is used, this will be fought in court, costing even more money, because this would violate the Jim Crowe law, and may be discriminatory?

Why, when we have military members fighting and dying for the number one right of ours, democracy and the right to free and open elections?

Unless only private donations fund this and all Minnesotans receive a voter ID, it will only cost us money.

But if you still agree with voter ID, I’ll be looking for that $20 bill, cash only please. There may be a way at little or no cost, to us. Any legislator interested, contact me. — Jim Storlie, Little Falls