Gazelka has earned District 9’s trust

To the Editor:

I am writing to pose a couple of questions to my fellow District 9 constituents.

First, who deserves an endorsement?

Second, do we really want to send a new person to the Minnesota State Senate?

I also want to leave my fellow constituents with a few thoughts.

I believe that Sen. Gazelka has earned the endorsement, because he has earned the respect of his comrades in St. Paul at the state Senate. This takes time to do. This will also go a long way in helping get bills passed that will benefit District 9.

He also understands the entrepreneurial spirit of business and job growth. He also has good family values and believes in keeping the state income taxes reasonably low.

Just because Gazelka lives in the northern part of District 9 doesn’t make him a carpetbagger. —Jeffrey Jelinski, Little Falls