Legislators have earned respect

To the Editor:

The Minnesota Legislature has worked hard and made many reforms this biennium. The evidence of some of this shows up in the budget surplus. The state was in a $6.2 billion deficit prior to this Legislature. Thanks to all this Legislature has accomplished, the state now has a surplus of $1.2 billion.

Recently, Sen. Gazelka’s and Rep. LeMieur’s school food service equipment bill was signed into law. This bill simplifies the approval process for school districts that need to purchase food service equipment. Previously, local schools had to request approval from the Department of Education before they could purchase equipment for their own schools. The control has been returned to the local school districts and allows them the flexibility to purchase needed equipment.

Another recent bill the Legislature has passed is the forfeited firearms bill. Senate File 1371, authored by Gazelka and LeMieur allows for law enforcement agencies to resell forfeited firearms to licensed dealers, instead of disposing of them. This helps recycle the still usable firearms and provides money for the local departments.

These are a few examples of what our legislators have accomplished. They have earned my respect as I have seen them represent us well. — Mandy Heffron, Little Falls