State should fill road cracks correctly

To the Editor:

While out for my daily walk down Highway 25 the other day, I saw the state highway crack fillers doing their annual spring crack filling. Whoops — did I say filling? They really don’t fill them; they just add a little liquid sealer as they did last spring. What’s up with that? Is the state low on liquid sealer again, or is this partial crack filling creating job security?

My walk also takes me right through beautiful downtown Genola. There I see where someone did some crack filling a couple of years ago. The cracks look really good and not in need of any more sealer after all this time. As a taxpaying citizen, I feel any work including crack filling on our highways should be done right.

I learned a long time ago that a job worth doing is worth doing right. Someone did it right in Genola. — Jack Michaels, Pierz