Mock car crash set in Pierz to dramatize consequences of impaired, distracted driving

Wednesday, April 25, a dramatic presentation of the events that occur following an alcohol-related and distracted driving crash will be conducted at Pierz Healy High School.

The event, sponsored by the Pierz High School Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) group, will include local medical, emergency, law enforcement agencies, fire department, funeral directors and more as the scene unfolds. City residents will hear sirens and lights and helicopters will be used during this event, but are reminded it is only a mock car crash and practice drill.

A letter sent home to students’ parents by School Counselor Jessica Janski said, “Although this is a mock car crash, it will be hard for some of us to relive losses. It will be dramatic rather than documentary and we expect that some students may have very strong reactions mixed with past experiences and deaths. There will be counselors and a chaplain available if students need to talk during the school day. We would encourage you to take time to talk either before or after this event with your teenager to help them process it.”

Each year, alcohol-related crashes account for nearly half of Minnesota traffic fatalities among the 15- to 24-year-old age group. This same age group also has the lowest seat belt use rate with the highest fatality rate. Distracted driving is also a large concern.

Those who have questions or concerns about the event, may contact School Counselor Jessica Janski at (320) 468-6458, ext. 1213. Additional information can be found on the school’s Web site: