Bill to require physician’s presence when administering abortion-inducing drugs passes Senate

On Monday, April 23, the Minnesota Senate passed House File 2341 (SF 1912) with bipartisan support, an effort to protect women from the risk of death or serious complications resulting from administration of abortion-inducing drugs. The bill, chief authored by Sen. Paul Gazelka, R-Brainerd, requires a physician to be physically present when any drug or chemical is used by a patient for the purpose of inducing abortion. Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) support this measure.

“I am glad to have the support of my colleagues in the Senate as we work to protect life – both mother and unborn child. It’s common-sense to have a physician present when performing a major medical procedure, especially in the case of abortion because it carries serious risks. Administration of the RU486 abortion drug can leave female patients with complications in their reproductive, cardiovascular, digestive and central nervous systems and patients can even lose their lives. In 2012, women and children deserve the best medical care, anything less is unnecessarily reckless,” said Gazelka.

The House passed HF 2341 Friday, April 20. Therefore, following Monday’s passage in the Senate, the bill is en route to the Governor’s desk for his signature.