Morrison County redistricting involves only the city of Harding

By Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer

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Following naturally in the wake of the Federal Census of 2010, comes the redistricting process for all electoral districts and that process has now reached the county level.

Morrison County has not been redistricted since the 1980 census. The county’s population has grown from 29,604 in 1990, to 31,712 in 2000 and 33,198 in 2010.

Commissioner districts are not allowed to go below a population of 5,976 nor above a population of 7,304. Morrison County District Two, represented by Commissioner Jeff Schilling, was the only district in the county to be outside of that range following the 2010 census.

“We looked at a number of possibilities of how to balance the districts,” said County Auditor Russ Nygren. “The one that fit the most logically involved the city of Harding.”

The Morrison County Commissioners approved a redistricting plan Tuesday as recommended by the administrative staff.

Only one change will be made, moving the city of Harding from District Five to District Two. That brings the population of District Two where it needs to be, with the least amount of change.

“This was the cleanest way to rearrange things,” said Deb Gruber, county administrator.

All district commissioners will continue to serve four-year terms, with Districts One, Two and Three having elections in 2012, and Districts Four and Five having elections in 2014.