Oil recycling center to open in Pierz

The Pierz City Council approved the installation of an oil recycling center Monday night, contingent upon the agreement of the city attorney.

The center will be located adjacent to the city shop off Highway 25. It will be leased from First Fuel Banks, who partner with East Side Oil Companies for disposal of the oil.

“The tank is double-walled,” said First Fuel Banks COO Patti Carlson. “Where the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is most concerned with is the point where people pour into the four to five-foot opening.”

Mayor Toby Egan explained that the city would need to either pour a concrete slab or install blacktop to make sure the ground under the opening in the tank was well covered.

“The city will need to reconfigure the gate by the shop, but that won’t be a problem,” said Egan.

“The interstitial (between the walls) space will need to be checked monthly and paperwork verifying that it was checked needs to be kept current,” said Carlson. “The cleaning, maintenance and tank insurance will all be handled by First Fuel Banks.”

Each time oil is dumped, a filter needs to be used, and the cost of filters is 50 cents each.

Anyone can use the tank, and gas stations within a 15-mile radius will be notified about the recycling center opening. Motor oil can be dumped, as well as transmission fluid, brake fluid and any petroleum-based fluids.

The city will monitor whether a new light will be necessary at that location. There will be city staff driving past daily to keep an eye on the tank.

“The city attorney will look at the lease agreement, and if he approves it, we’ll go ahead with it,” Egan said.