Republicans gave us debt, not jobs

To the Editor:

The Republican message during the last campaign was “jobs, jobs, jobs.” The Republican majority in the 2012 session hasn’t created a single job. Instead, Republicans gave us an extremely partisan agenda, full of corporate kickbacks and continued tax breaks for the wealthiest.

Republicans are spinning a very different story, fabricating and embellishing their legislative accomplishments by telling us they erased the state’s budget deficit without raising taxes, and even claiming they created a $1.2 billion surplus.

They’re claiming they created thousands of Minnesota jobs by improving the state’s business climate by continuing corporate tax breaks.

Those claims are absurd — let’s set the record straight.

Rather than solving Minnesota’s budget problems, Republicans led Minnesota into a shutdown, then “balanced” the budget by borrowing $2.7 billion from our schools.

Now Republicans are piling on more debt by recklessly draining the state’s “rainy day” fund, while giving more tax breaks to multi-national corporate interests.

How do Republicans pay for these unnecessary tax breaks for the wealthiest? With staggering property tax increases on rural homeowners and small business.

The DFL fought to create jobs, pay back schools and strengthen the middle-class. Remember that in November. — Michele Caron, Flensburg