Gorder’s fifth book is on the shelves in Little Falls

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer
[email protected]

Little Falls native Hal Gorder has recently published his fifth book. It is available at Bookin’ It on Second Street South East and through him.

“‘Survival of the Fittest,’ a fictional writing, came to me when a friend and I were heading to Thief River Falls to go hunting,” said Gorder. “We were driving through marshlands in 2008, when I got the inspiration.”

H. H. “Hal” Gorder, Little Falls, shows off his fifth book, 'Survival of the Fittest.” It is available at Bookin’ It in Little Falls or via e-mail at [email protected]

Four friends are on a hunting trip of a lifetime in Canada, a trip won by one of them. With a guide, they head into the wilderness and end up in the same location as several disreputable people.

“The trip falls apart from there,” said Gorder. “The four friends have to survive the people they meet, they have to survive nature and they have to get back to civilization.”

Gorder, who works full time at Camp Ripley as its tool and parts supervisor, writes about the survival skills he learned from being in the Army.

“I was deployed while writing the non-fictional book, ‘Desert Dragons, the Story of the 2-3-7th MiTT,’ my best selling book,” said Gorder. “I finished it when I returned from Kuwait. That book took me three years to write.”

Gorder’s other books include two of poetry, “Quietly Shining to the Quiet Moon” and “And All The Hills Echoed.” He wrote  another fictional story, “Long Journey Into A Life,” about a young man growing up in the Midwest after the death of his father.

Future books in the works by Gorder include another suspense story called, “With a Kiss From the Temple Snakes,” and a mystery.

“It’s fun to spin stories,” said Gorder, who explained the poetry books he wrote come from a lifelong love of the genre. “But, now I am leaning toward thrillers and mysteries.”