Don’t let Klobuchar hide her votes

To the Editor:

Thanks to an April 15 letter to the editor, I went back and read Tom West’s editorial and realized I had missed an opportunity to ask Sen. Klobuchar to explain her support for blaming the high gasoline prices on speculators.

Many who read or listen to the news believe that Obama’s “energy plan”  is to drive up the cost of energy enough to make his green energy preferences competitive. (Think cap and trade, gasoline prices as high as in Europe, and his EPA director who wants to “crucify” the oil and gas industries.)

The Democrats are not concerned that these higher energy costs hit the most vulnerable the hardest. The elite do not care; they can afford their expensive energy proposals. Just blame it on the speculators. Don’t they understand that for every speculator betting the price of oil will go up, there must be another speculator betting the price of oil will not go up.

Ask Klobucher to explain her votes to her constituency in this newspaper. Don’t let Klobuchar hide from the voters. If she contines to refuse to explain her votes she should not receive a single vote in the November election. — Thomas E. Paulson, Little Falls