Tesch sentenced to prison for possession of methamphetamine

In the Seventh Judicial District Court of Morrison County, Amanda Ann Tesch, 32, Royalton, was sentenced to prison May 2, for one felony count of fifth degree possession of drugs.

On Feb. 10, a Little Falls police officer stopped a car with a loud exhaust. The driver identified herself as Melissa Chapman. But, another officer indicated he had just seen a photo of Chapman and that it did not match the description of the driver.

When asked what year she graduated, the woman could not answer. She was arrested for giving a false name and date of birth.

During a search of the vehicle, the officers found a purse with the identification of Amanda Tesch. They also learned she had three outstanding warrants for her arrest from different counties.

A further search of the purse revealed a syringe that tested positive for methamphetamine. The officers also found a small plastic baggie containing a piece of crystal that also tested positive for methamphetamine.

Tesch was sentenced to the correctional facility in Shakopee for 13 months, stayed for five years and 180 days in jail with credit for the 47 days of time served. She was fined $385 and given supervised probation for five years.

Dismissed against Tesch was one gross misdemeanor count of giving a peace officer a false name.