Tom Sundahl opens new laundromat in his business complex in Lincoln

By TINA SNELL, Staff Writer

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Tom Sundahl, owner of Lincoln Lakes Liquor and Lincoln Lakes Motel, has opened a laundromat in the same business complex.

“This is definitely something we need in the area,” said Sundahl. “There’s a laundromat in Motley and another in Randall, but nothing closer. There are enough summer people who need this.”

Tom Sundahl shows off one of the washing machines he had installed in the new laundromat at his business complex on 320th Street in Lincoln. He said it will be a convenience for the summer people.

Sundahl said that since the laundromat opened April 23, he has received many thanks for adding the business to the area.

The laundromat has four 20-pound washers made by Speed Queen and four dryers made by both Maytag and Speed Queen.

Sundahl has also installed  a video game and a television to make time go faster while at the laundromat. He also has a vending machine for soaps and snacks and a folding table.

The business is open Monday through Saturday, from 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Sundvahl is taking a poll from his customers to see if it would be worthwhile to open on Sundays.

For more information, contact Sundahl or manager Amber Nobrick at (218) 575-2588.