Bonding bill package passed in House and Senate includes $19.5 for Camp Ripley

The bonding provision for the Camp Ripley Education Center in Little Falls has been passed as part of the larger bonding bill package. The bonding bill passed through the Senate Monday, and was adopted by the House the next day. The bill has been sent to Gov. Dayton for approval.

Originally part of a separate bill authored by Rep. Mike LeMieur, R-Little Falls, (House File 2170), the Camp Ripley provision would appropriate $19.5 million from the bond proceeds fund to the adjutant general of the Department of Military Affairs. This money would be used to construct an addition of approximately 49,782 square feet to the Camp Ripley education center consisting of classroom space, lodging facilities and a cafeteria.

“This facility will be used 52 weeks out of the year by local, state and federal agencies,” said LeMieur. “This addition will not only benefit our local community, it will benefit our whole state and nation.”

Camp Ripley is a 53,000-acre regional training facility for military, federal, state, local and civilian communities. In addition to being a critical factor in the successful pre-mobilization training for numerous military units, Camp Ripley serves as a training location for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Minnesota Department of Transportation.