Candidate filing period begins Tuesday

The candidate-filing period for federal, state, county and some local offices begins Tuesday, at 8 a.m. The filing period closes Tuesday, June 5, at 5 p.m.

“The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State will be open at 8 a.m. May 22, to accept federal, state and legislative candidate filings,” said Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie. “It is important to remember that candidates for legislative races also have the option to file in their county of residence.”

Candidate filing requirements vary depending on the office, whether the candidate is a member of a major political party or a minor political party or an independent, and whether the office is partisan or nonpartisan. Candidates for State Senate, House of Representatives and judicial offices have a choice to either file with the secretary of state or in their county of residence. Candidates for U.S. Congress must file with the secretary of state. Candidates for county offices must file with their county auditor. Filing dates may vary for candidates for municipal and school district offices.

Additional candidate filing information, forms and instructions are available on the office Web site at: Candidates for local offices should contact their county auditor, municipal clerk or school clerk for additional information.

Beginning Tuesday, the Office of the Secretary of State will post a listing of candidates who have filed for office on its Web site at This listing will include local candidates if those jurisdictions provide filing information to this office.