Republican claims are not true

To the Editor:

Well, the do-nothing Republican legislature has adjourned.

Now they’ll hold legislative updates to tell us their Republican version of what happened. Here’s what they’ll claim:

They’ll tell you they balanced the budget. Not true. Everyone knows they borrowed from our schools and the tobacco settlement money. Our kids will be paying that back with interest, since they’ve pushed a bigger debt into the future.

They’ll tell you the state has a surplus now, thanks to their great work. Not true. All 50 states have increased income now because the national economy is improving. It’s not from anything this Minnesota Legislature did. The only way we have a surplus is if we don’t pay back the schools or repay tobacco settlement bonds.

They’ll tell you they created jobs. Not true. Dayton had to fight hard to get them to pass a bonding bill and a stadium bill, both of which actually put people to work.

They’ll claim their tax bill creates jobs. Not true. It created more profits for giant businesses, but no sensible reasons to hire new workers.

Republicans aren’t claiming their true accomplishments — keeping taxes low for the wealthiest and protecting corporate profits while rural Minnesota pays more. — Roman Witucki, Little Falls