Media presents its own reality

To the Editor:

Americans have a well-known, legitimate distrust of the mainstream media.

Reasons go beyond “left/right slant” or “balance” issues.

It’s about how the media presents its own chosen picture of reality; what it excludes, hides and distorts; and who really runs America.

Note how newspapers favor articles originating from the Associated Press wire service or how media’s  election coverage   focuses  dispropor-   (Continued on Page 9A) 

tionately on the “horse race” — not key essential issues or whether the vote will be fairly counted.

Many decades ago when the mainstream press had more diverse ownership and viewpoints, it was inclined to “afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.” Today, with severely concentrated elite ownership of the media, it does the opposite.

The mainstream media is one with the overall power structure.

Kennedy assassination researcher Mae Brussel told how, after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, a deal commenced wherein top TV/news networks agreed to “rubber stamp” the Warren Commission’s flawed “lone gunman” conclusion in Kennedy’s death in exchange for control of America’s vote count.

Subsequently, in 1964, the media’s secretive, corrupt, vote-counting News Election Service was quietly established.

It’s obvious why today’s mainstream media prefers to “comfort the comfortable” and “afflict the afflicted.” —Donna Christianson, Little Falls