Vision Randall welcomes the Minnesota Design Team

The Vision Randall is pleased to announce that the community has been selected for a visit by the Minnesota Design Team (MDT).  A group of about 20 architects, engineers and designers from the MDT will be coming to Randall Thursday for a three day visit to help the community develop a vision for the future.

“This is a great opportunity for the community and our Vision Randall team to get down on paper some of the great ideas we have been discussing and others that the Minnesota Design Team will come up with,”  said Neil Anderson, Vision Randall chair.

One of the biggest opportunities that the community has is to help planning the route of the Camp Ripley Veterans Trail through the City of Randall.  Once this multi-modal trail is built it will be one of the largest trails of its kind in the United States.  A well planned route through Randall stands to add considerable economic development to the community.

Anderson said, “Other things the planners may look at besides the trail include future park planning, a business park, a library, a community / fitness center that soldiers from Camp Ripley could access, placement of future parks, rail spurs, future rental housing, re-connecting main street to Highway 10 / Highway 115 and many other exciting opportunities.  Our community’s vision is to be the ‘best small town’ in Central Minnesota and what a great vision for a community that is home to our brave soldiers from Camp Ripley.”

The MDT members will stay in the community over the three days stay, getting tours of the area, having community meetings to learn about the area and visiting Camp Ripley and the surrounding lakes area.  At the end of the weekend there will be a community meeting and ice cream social where the MDT will unveil some of its ideas and designs.

“We are excited to be coming back to visit another great small town in Central Minnesota like Randall.  We think Randall is off to a great start and we are excited to be a part of its Vision Randall planning effort,” said Sam O’Connell, Minnesota Design Team’s 2012 chair.

The MDT – Randall visit will begin with the team staying in the host homes of community members to better understand the community’s needs. The MDT will get more input from the residents at a picnic dinner and community input meeting planned for  Friday.

All Randall area community members are invited to attend a free picnic dinner meeting to be held at the park building in Randall. The weekend will end with the Community unveiling of the designs on Saturday, June 2, at 6 p.m. during an ice cream social.

The dinner is free and open to all Randall Area Residents.  A short program and input session will follow the meeting and door prize will be given out at the end of the evening.  Attendance is encouraged to this event to take part in sharing ideas and thoughts with the Minnesota Design Team.

RSVPs are encouraged, but are not necessary. To sign up, call (855) 212-3200.

The Minnesota Design Team ( has joined with Vision Randall (, a group of community leaders who have been working with the Initiative Foundations Thriving Communities program over the last several months to develop plans and ideas of how to improve the Randall Area Community. The Vision Randall project is being led by the Randall Area Business Group ( in partnership with the City of Randall and with the assistance of a grant from the Initiative Foundation ( The group is focused on developing a community vision and ways to synchronize the resources of the community to help improve the quality of life for the Randall Area.